Samantha Lam 林志美

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Samantha Lam /林志美 1984 – “First love”, cover japońskiej piosenki Murashita Kōzō. Wielki przebój w latach osiemdziesiątych.

The lyrics of the song are about the excitement of falling in love for the first time. The protagonist said that she got no experience in love, and she only discovered it today. She looked at him from a distance, and she felt so excited by this happiness. She couldn’t sleep because his shadow appeared in her heart. She asked herself why seeing him only once and this beautiful image felt like her first love. Gazing at him, gazing at him felt like she has been electrocuted. That moment when they connected already got her crazy. Every minute she looks forward to see him again. She waited without complain. Every minute she wishes to see him again, even bumping into him on the road could get her excited for a few days. Her excitement has surfaced, such a cute first love.