The Works West Kowloon Cultural District Plans


We talk to WKCD head Michael Lynch and Lars Nittve of M+ about the latest development of the West Kowloon Cultural District. In August of last year, the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority revealed three new conceptual plans for the district.They were:Norman Foster’s, “City Park”, Rocco Yim’s, “Cultural Connect: Key to Sustained Vitality” and Rem Koolhaas’s, “Project for a New Dimension”. After three months of consultation, Foster + Partners “City Park” master plan was chosen in March. The plan has since been enhanced, and elements of the two other designs incorporated.

The Xiqu Centre has been relocated to the Canton Road end of the district, M+ has been moved to the entrance of the Great Park.There’s now space for literary activities, and newly proposed art pavilions and art pontoons. The latest plan, now billed “A Place for Everyone”, is now on display at the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre